Dynamic module "validation/Validation"

It represents a lightweight JavaScript library for easy business rules definition of the product, the contract, the form etc. This validation engine is not tight to HTML DOM or any other UI framework. This validation engine is UI agnostic and that is why it can be used as an independent representation of business rules of a product, contract, etc.

Key features

  • It enables to decorate custom objects and its properties with validation rules.
  • It supports declarative and imperative validation rules definition
  • It supports composition of validation rules, that enables to validate custom object with nested structures.
  • It is ease to create your own custom validators.
  • It supports asynchronous validation rules (uses promises).
  • It supports shared validation rules.
  • It supports assigning validation rules to collection-based structures - arrays and lists.
  • It supports localization of error messages with TranslateArgs.
  • It deploys as AMD, CommonJS or plain script module pattern.
  • It offers basic build-in constrains validators. See list basic build-in constraints
  • Other custom validators can be find in extensible repository of custom validators (work in progress).


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