Business rules

Business rules


This is repository of business rules. Business rules are defined with help of UI agnostic business-rules-engine.


To install and run example

git clone
npm install
tsd update

To build business rules - select business rules you want

grunt dist-vacationApproval
grunt dist-invoice

To run tests

grunt test-vacationApproval
grunt test-invoice

All source code is written in typescript. To compile typescript

tsc models/vacationApproval/BusinessRules.ts --t ES5 --out business-rules.js
tsc models/invoice/BusinessRules.ts --t ES5 --out business-rules.js

Define your own business rules

  • find out descriptive name of your business rules
  • use this name and create directory in src/models
  • create Data.ts to define data structure for vacation approval
  • crate BusinessRules.ts to define business rules
  • add tests in directory in test/models